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As a Professionally trained Mentor and Coach with countless success stories, Mike shows you how to add the most important ingredients to your life to experience success in all you do.

Through a thoughtful, curious, and affirming approach he helps you get unstuck, explaining undesirable patterns and behavior, while illuminating your own path to achievement. He will reinforce your ability to show up, step up, and stay in the game to realize your objectives without force. Transforming lives and helping create consistent results is paramount!

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Mike’s passion and driving force is to serve through helping. His personal belief and central message to everyone is that "you can do it, you are enough and you are uniquely equipped to realize your goals." It's perfectly fine to get help when needed to bring out our best!

Success Awaits You

Perhaps you’re like Mike and didn’t have good role models during your most impressionable years. Maybe you grew up in a single-family where scarcity and lack were the norms along with various types of trauma.

 Mike overcame numerous obstacles throughout his life. He wasn’t lucky or fortunate. He made a conscious decision to roll up his sleeves and commit to doing the work. He earned his master’s degree and several professional certifications, rose to the rank of Chief Information Security Officer,  serves as an adjunct professor, runs a profitable services-based business, was honored as speaker of the year, and hosts the popular Your Thought Life Mindset Podcast.

No matter where you’re at or where you desire to go, Mike knows how to help you develop a clear vision, and strategy with the technical resources necessary for you to win consistently!

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Your Thought Life is a professional coaching firm serving behind the scenes for many high-income earners, entrepreneurs, and other influencers across the US. Mike is a mentor and confidante that navigates his clients from a place of searching for success to achieving more success than they ever thought possible.

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You Deserve It

You are thinking about that grand vision, that dream, that goal for a reason. Life is too short. Go do it! Decide today to take the leap of faith and get assistance architecting what you want your life to look like. Get your mind and heart in alignment and just go do it!

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He Loves Coaching and Mentoring

No matter where you are on your journey, Mike has an inherent ability to get you to your desired place in life. His personal passion, professional success, and training make him the perfect coach to partner with.

His clients are happy and fulfilled and you will be, too!!!

Expected Outcomes


With Mike, you'll know where to start so you get to where you want to be FAST. Set objectives, plan and do the work with the least amount of energy. Use the tools he gives you over and over for any new goal you want to achieve.


You have the talent and gifts to lead a life of achievement, passion, and purpose. Angie’s unconditional encouragement and practical, business advice moves you past feeling overwhelmed to finding lasting motivation.


You have what it takes to achieve whatever you desire. Feel the confidence. Find the best version of you. Do for yourself like you do for others. Overcome challenges and feel the exhilaration of consistently winning.

Release from the stuff that is holding you back.

Let’s discover how you can be in complete control of your life.